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Intellectual Property Policy & Advocacy


We provide consulting services and advocacy services to corporations and professional associations on patent policy, patent reform legislation, protection of trade secrets, copyright reform, net neutrality, and other IP and telecom issues. Former senior Administration official and D.C. veteran, Peter Pappas, is a recognized IP policy expert and advocate, published author and frequent speaker on panels before Congress and in other public fora.


Government Relations Strategy and Messaging


We develop and advise on strategies for effective engagement with the White House, Administration agencies and Congress to promote sound patent reform legislation, copyright reform, and to promote passage of legislation to defend trade secrets from theft. Innovation Strategies is an active participant in the United for Patent Reform Coalition as a representative of Engine Advocacy, briefing and lobbying Members of Congress and their staff on patent and copyright reform initiatives and legislation.



US Patent & Trademark Office Advisory


We develop and implement strategies for influencing Patent Office policies and procedures, including the preparation of comments and other filings for submission in USPTO rulemaking proceedings, with a particular focus on improving the examination process and strengthening patent quality.


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