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by Peter Pappas


Pappas to Advise Engine Advocacy
March 4, 2014

Supreme Court Unlikely to Dissolve Software Patents
U.S. News
March 31, 2014
Back to Basics: Restoring a Patent System that Supports True Innovation
April 1, 2014
Meet Peter Pappas: Engine Advisor on IP
April 7, 2014
How the Tech Lobby Got Beat
U.S. News
September 16, 2014
President Obama to Nominate PTO Director by “March, at the latest”, says Peter Pappas
Los Angeles IP Law Association
December 31, 2013
In Capable Hands: Profiling the New Leadership at the PTO
IP Watchdog
January 31, 2013
Exclusive Interview: USPTO Chief of Staff Peter Pappas
IP Watchdog
March 6, 2012
Peter Pappas Appointed as Kappos’ New Chief of Staff
IP Watchdog
November 10, 2011
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